Lyrics (for verse 01)

you say you want a lover and not a fighter…
well that’s because you’re weak.
if you were strong, you’d fight with me and not against me,
don’t block my Twitter account when I tweet.

I am your equal.
I have rights.
feminism strangled womenism all to dim Ms. Walker’s light
oh you don’t wanna hear that?
well too damn bad,
cause this crap you’re trying to sell nowadays, it’s really sad.

So you want to start
a war on women
well it’s a losing battle you’ll never win

Starting a war on women
will lead you down a path with no end…

we are a part of you
and you know what, you’re a part of us

so come back down to earth
cause you ain’t no God
and learn how to love
or simply depart.