Landon and Lucy Frostified

This song (music, vocals and lyrics written by Alexandra Mayers) was inspired by IRL recap streamer Landon Tells who recently celebrated his two year anniversary with his girlfriend Lucy. Landon’s good friend Mc Frosty is currently working on a remix of this song (which may incorporate some guitar). Below are the lyrics and the live […]

The Last Unicorn 2019 - Alexandra Melody Mayers

Last Unicorn 2019

Enjoy my 2019 reboot of the theme song from the animated classic Last Unicorn It’s an inspirational track and was rewritten specifically to remind myself (and other women) that when you believe in yourself, the world that matters believes you. I play all the instruments in this track, provided the vocals, arranged it and produced […]

Alexandra Melody Mayers / Alexandra Mayers - Apology Negated

Apology Negated – final edit

I finally completed the final edit of my original song “Apology Negated”. It’s pure pop from my perspective – I’d had the piano melody in my head for over a year. I’m not sure why it took me such a long time to complete this particular song, but I suppose everything is for a reason. […]

Alexandra Melody Mayers - Alexandra Mayers - Gotta Love Mondays

Gotta Love Mondays

LYRICS I made it through Monday faced a few demons at the start of the day two in family members one on the computer I almost wanted to run away So I made it through another Monday despite it all I still got quite a bit done between how I earn a living plus my […]