This is a song about a fictitious male pornstar & prostitute who is of the homosexual orientation, yet aggressively plays “straight” in his adult movies. Ultimately, he winds up contracting AIDS, takes it out on his peers (via online defamation venues) and finally commits suicide (leaving behind his wife and children).

His Dad treated his mom like shit
while he was in the womb
that’s why he was born such a prick

He was beat and raped as a kid
turned tricks on South Beach
though he’d tried to forget about it

Straight for pay
is what he later became
wanted the whole world to know his
worthless porn Name
he Died at 37
and he ain’t headed for heaven
just HELL
his life parallels Lucifer’s fails

he died at 37
and he ain’t headed to heaven
just hell
his whole life’s a cautionary tale…

that gold crucifix around his neck
he thought protected him
had long been null and void
he was given so many chances
but to him that didn’t matter
only fornication gave him joy

then he was given the gift of AIDS
so he fled the USA in shame
and in revenge to those who he blamed
he unjustly defamed all of their names

a bullet in his brain
a bullet in his brain
his STDs drove him insane
He took his own damn life, left behind his children and his wife
Yes at 37 he committed suicide! (fictitious – person)
yes he died (x2( though the truth is, for years he’d been dead inside