“Hey cuz…

you got some time for me?

Did you know I almost got signed

when I was 13?”

That he had chance faded away

His White Mom  wasn’t feelin’ rap

back in those days.”


So here – we are now,

He’s got so much to say

I feel like his Black Daddy

reached out from the other side

to lay down his son’s thoughts

he be talkin bout at night



It’s 2017 – he’s got so much to say

He knows the constitution,

but he feels like

these white leaders lost their minds

led us all astray

We need some revolution

evolution resolution

politicians that mean

the words that they say

what the fuck’s goin on today

where’s the indictment lawyers

why is trumps wife

shutten down the bloggers?



Listen for a minute

cause I’m

prophesying out

just around 15 years from now

It’s 2032

No race in the white house

kids void of prejudice are the ones

You’ll be looking to that day

Sayin’ “American leaders show us the way”

Many were born in the 80’s

Neither Black or White babies

And they carry humanities best traits


I know this might sound like

a mixed kid’s ego trip

But hear me out – on the real tip

My cousin’s like a lot of you

lives in the midwest

building his business

trying his best

But he knows he’s destined for more

despite his “Black” labeled credit score

He sincerely believes in

dreams Obama lived in

so he’ll sail that ship right back to shore


He’s of a generation

in this nation

who’s lines are so blurred

it’s absurd

to still have labels

like Black and White

take a look at their asses

neither label’s quite right



That chump known as Trump

who changed his name from Drumpf

trying to erase all the change

and shame Obama’s name

and for what?

A gang of tiny dicked little rich boys

who look at women

like they ain’t nothin’ but sex toys?


and speaking of ladies and women

Didn’t Drumpf meet Melania through a pimp?

Pimpin foreign bitches to the USA – WHAT?

Drumpf can’t handle bitches from the USA – nope

Pimpin foreign bitches to the USA – WHAT?

Drumpf can’t handle bitches from the USA


Paolo Zampolli – Wasn’t that his name?


I got more to say but let’s wait

for another day

could go on till the end of time

cause we got to find a way

to break these chains

can’t go back to pre civil war times

I don’t look at myself as a rapper

but I gotta be

as I write this new chapter

Trust me and believe me

My words and rhymes  ain’t

false … prophesy

For this piece, I thank my cousin the son of my uncle  Anthony.