I made it through Monday
faced a few demons at the start of the day
two in family members
one on the computer
I almost wanted to run away

So I made it through another Monday
despite it all I still got quite a bit done
between how I earn a living
plus my art that keeps me breathing
had a few moments of fun

Weekday one’s all about
keepin’ a positive attitude
laughing at the quirkiness of life
realizing nothings ever perfect
and sometimes things just are not meant to go right

Every start of the week
I smile and say
Gotta Love Mondays

So one of those demons I dealt with today
compared a situation to that movie
imitation of life
I could see it’s point but I stood firm and said
in time, things turn around and will work out alright.

The other demon had the nerve to
look me in the eye and try to convince me
they know what’s in my head – and how I think
So I set that negative entity straight
and explained no one but me knows how my mind operates