Acid Attack Extravaganza

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Since the year 2009, Alexandra Melody Mayers has been working on some dance music releases (tracks) that are part of a musical collection (and emotional journey) titled “Acid Attack Extravaganza”. Initially the project was set to release in 2013, but due to Alexandra’s musical endeavors being put on hold for a few years – the […]

“White Privileged Enabled Pimp” – full lyrics and tinkering with the live piano version melody & arrangement

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The album version recording of the track “White Privileged Enabled Pimp” is just about done and will be available soon. In the video above I’m tinkering around with the melody and arrangement. At some point I’ll upload the edition I’ll be playing for my live showcases. Below are the full lyrics to the song. Lyrics […]

Song Preview: War On Women

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Lyrics (for verse 01) you say you want a lover and not a fighter… well that’s because you’re weak. if you were strong, you’d fight with me and not against me, don’t block my Twitter account when I tweet. I am your equal. I have rights. feminism strangled womenism all to dim Ms. Walker’s light […]

Alexandra Mayers music rehearsal: “He Died at 37” – from the Christian Pornstar album

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This is a song about a fictitious male pornstar & prostitute who is of the homosexual orientation, yet aggressively plays “straight” in his adult movies. Ultimately, he winds up contracting AIDS, takes it out on his peers (via online defamation venues) and finally commits suicide (leaving behind his wife and children). Lyrics: ————— (v1) His […]

Preview of the first track from the soon to release PimpWikiLeaks album – “White Privileged Enabled Pimp”

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Enjoy this raw preview of “White Privileged Enabled Pimp” – one of Alexandra Mayers latest songs which will be released on the upcoming PimpWikiLeaks album which will be available exclusively via the educational resource – make sure you follow @PimpWikiLeaks on Twitter! For the complete lyrics of this song, click here. For more music […]

I Loved You

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I Loved You (an altered cover of I Love You by Avichyil)- this song is about looking back on romantic relationships in which you loved your ex partner at the time, but are now OVER THEM for good (and finally have found the closure that you were seeking). Lyrics: I never told you what I […]

Alexandra Mayers LIVE MUSIC – “Lately” live version rewrite, brainstorming & tinkering

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Tonight just testing the audio quality again for my live music webcasts while rewriting, brainstorming about & tinkering with my single pop single “Lately” from the Christian Pornstar volume 01 album. The song initially was written specifically as a studio performance in which the verses were heavily overlapped in the mixdown process, so I’m reformatting […]

North Miami Accountability

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It’s time to take accountability. Look at all that you’ve done, You won’t get far if you run. Time to take some damn responsibility. Boy, The game is over and I won. I heard you’re down in North Miami. Word is you’re running out of money. Boy, It’s time to take accountability. Don’t try to […]