A piano and vocal preview of “It’s Christmas Time” – an original song by Alexandra Mayers

Look for the complete fully produced edit and dance mix soon!

Lyrics to “It’s Christmas Time”

It’s Christmas time (repeat x3)
I’ve been waiting all year for this,
December’s a month you won’t want to miss.
No war on Christmas over here…
Since I was born I’ve been filled with holiday cheer.

So ladies and gents – boys and girls,
come gather around…
Cause I’ve got stories, lessons and songs,
straight from my Christ led life –
that’s my signature sound…

It’s Christmas time.
My favorite time of year…
It’s Christmas time.
You want some good news? Then lend me your ears…

Come on let’s deck the halls,
String some lights outside,
Hang ornaments on the tree,
Then chill out by the fireside…

Don’t hesitate.
Your kids can’t wait…
It’s Christmas time.