Enjoy this preview of “Apology Negated” – a pop song by Alexandra Mayers inspired by one of her latest paintings (by the same title).


You inspired my painting

after our date that Friday night.

By the time I finished the piece

you’d exited out my life.

No need to say you’re sorry to me.

I know your words you didn’t really mean.

Your texts negated your actions,

a fling for me was just fine.

Sometimes it’s just like that – don’t feel bad,

just a short hookup after an online chat…

That’s how dating has become today – I hate to say,

Just like a paper cup – use you once, then throw you away.

IN my 20’s and my 30s might have been devastating,

but now I’m entering my 40’s  it’s just a form of exercising.

Just jump on your motorbike and ride away –

Believe me, it don’t affect me – it’s all really quite OK…