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Alexandra Melody Mayers / Alexandra Mayers - Apology Negated

Apology Negated – final edit

I finally completed the final edit of my original song “Apology Negated”. It’s pure pop from my perspective – I’d had the piano melody in my head for over a year. I’m not sure why it took me such a long time to complete this particular song, but I suppose everything is for a reason. […]

Alexandra Melody Mayers - Alexandra Mayers - Gotta Love Mondays

Gotta Love Mondays

LYRICS I made it through Monday faced a few demons at the start of the day two in family members one on the computer I almost wanted to run away So I made it through another Monday despite it all I still got quite a bit done between how I earn a living plus my […]

Orion Is A Compass

Orion Is A Compass

I initially put this music together with the intention of it only being a background track for an author’s promotional video – however it has such an uplifting and mellow vibe, I figured I’d better include it in the ongoing Christian Pornstar project. Enjoy – this track… it’s titled “Orion Is A Compass”

alexandra mayers - see - preview

a preview of “See” and a piano only clip of “Apology Negated” – by Alexandra Melody Mayers

This video includes a preview of a new song I’m working on called “See”. It’s inspired by activists & artists who feel discouraged and/or frustrated by the lazy yet privileged in society who often steal or piggy back on their efforts and work (without giving proper credit or acknowledgement). As a bonus, I also included […]

Beautanity Alexandra Mayers coverart painting

Beautanity – the first and original Alexandra Mayers version – for Christian Pornstar volume 02

“Beautanity” is an original song written, performed and produced by Alexandra Mayers for the Christian Pornstar album (volume 02). The lyrics for this song were inspired by many life events Alexandra Mayers has survived through along with some experiences of her friend – who in time will provide vocals for an alternate version of this […]

jealous pimp rhino 01 - Alexandra Mayers

“Who’s The Jealous Pimp” live performance track featured on Alexandra Mayers’ latest painting progression “Rhino”

Alexandra Mayers’ latest online live performance of her EDM dance track “Who’s The Jealous Pimp” has been featured as the background music in her latest time lapse progression of her painting “Rhino” (which is still in progress). Make sure you follow @AlexMayersLIVE if you’re interested in watching her complete the painting. To watch the replay […]